Anna Lo MLA – Northern Ireland Woman of the Year

Anna Lo MLA sitting on the steps outside Parliament Buildings, BelfastThe Northern Ireland Assembly is not currently noted for its progress in moving forward. With fewer Assembly Acts being passed in our Assembly than the other devolved administrations in the United Kingdom, the public looks on at the seemingly endless deadlock in the house on the hill at Stormont.

However, among the 108 MLAs, Anna Manwah Lo MBE (盧曼華)is one who has made a significant difference to the Assembly since she was elected.

Anna Lo MLA was elected in 2007. Anna was born in the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong of Chinese ethnicity and is the first person from an ethnic minority to be elected to the the Northern Ireland Assembly. She is a former Chairperson of the Northern Ireland Chinese Welfare Association.

Providing an excellent constituency office is something that is extremely important to Anna, as this is where the community gets support and advocacy from her.

At the weekend, Anna Lo won the Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Northern Ireland Award, which is a testament to her hard work for South Belfast and shows the massive impact that she has made since her election.

The Alliance Party‘s leader, David Ford MLA, congratulated her saying,

This is great news and I am very pleased for Anna. She is an excellent advocate for all the people of South Belfast and she has made a massive impact on the local political scene since her election.

This award is a real good news story for Northern Ireland politics, at a time when people are feeling disillusioned by the lack of work coming from the Stormont Executive.

Anna is a tireless campaigner on community relations and she has done excellent work on both the Social Development and Employment and Learning Committees within the Assembly. This award is recognition for the contribution to Northern Ireland’s society that Anna has given in the short time since she was elected.

David Ford MLA

Anna Lo has recently launched new monthly surgery sessions in her constituency of South Belfast.

Richview Regeneration Centre

339-343 Donegall Road, Belfast
1st Monday of the Month, 4pm to 6pm

Belvoir Activity Centre

Belvoir Drive, Belfast
2nd Wednesday of the Month, 4pm to 6pm.

It is extremely important to me to be able to communicate directly with my constituents and I am excited to be holding these surgeries in South Belfast. I do hope that the residents of South Belfast will use this opportunity to meet with me and my staff to discuss any issues of importance to them, or any matter that I can assist with.

Anna Lo MLA

The Northern Ireland Assembly is not noted for its progress currently.

2 thoughts on “Anna Lo MLA – Northern Ireland Woman of the Year

  1. A pro-brothel woman of the year.

    However, South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo, who estimated in 2008 that there were some 70 known brothels across the Province, was more sympathetic. “We have to be realistic,” she said. “It is better for sex workers to be in brothels as it is a safer place for them to be than the street. I am not here to judge them. Some of them may be exploited but many feel it is the only way they can make a living.”

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