And he’s been sighted again

The caption is wrong now - it probably should read "Doesn't he look lovely"?

Older readers will remember the posting about the elevation of a certain humble priest in the Eternal city to being a Monsignor (News from Oxford).

Correspondents from England have informed me of the return to England of this well known cleric. It is said that his return has not been unnoticed by some of his fellow clergy who were listening to a talk by The Rev. Father Andrew Southwell of the Latin Mass Society recently in a London club.

Apparently, manners were not learnt in Rome. Perhaps that explains his return without the much talked about bishopric. Talked about mainly by his supporters during his reign tenure as chaplain. Others seemed to be campaigning for his monsignorial elevation!

A forum of admiration, for those of us whose lives would be considerably duller (and less alcoholic) without that most splendid of Catholic priests, Fr Jeremy Fairhead, RC Chaplain to the University of Oxford.

from the relevant Facebook group.

Anyone wanting to meet the Reverend Monsignor should head to Camden Town…  in the Archdiocese of Westminster

N.B. As an Irishman it is strange to see “Reverend Monsignor” as here they are usually referred to as “Right Reverend” but then our bishops are all “Most Reverend” for some unknown reason or usage.

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