More bean bags we require. – Yoda

Yoda is not often found on Catholic blogs.

Recently retired Jedi Master am I, not a Catholic. So like all the other charlatans on this website I am being. To attend the Old Mass do you wish, young Skywalker? Much have you to learn. Are you not realising what in the old days it was like? The priest was to the wall facing and in a dead language was he speaking. To turn back the clock it is not possible. Mm-Hmm. A meal is the Eucharist – a sacrifice it is not. To celebrate ourselves and each other’s love must we be doing. To face one another it is necessary. More bean bags we require. Oh, and women priests and lesbian bishops and condoms. Lots of condoms. The answer to everything are condoms being. The force be with you.

Geriatrics for a Changeling Church

However, I am not entirely sure that GCC is a Catholic blog….

2 thoughts on “More bean bags we require. – Yoda

  1. I can assure you that GCC is an eminently Catholic website – or at least it’s author is, as the Gyronny Herald and I both know and respect him.
    Perhaps the Gyronny Herald might put up Yoda’s translation of the Ave Maria, as revealed to us in the Eagle and Child in Oxford.
    More seriously, thank you for promoting devotion to Bl.Emperor Charles.

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