winter fuel payment – not a solution, but a temporary fix

With the news that HM Government in the United Kingdom is looking at slashing the Winter Fuel payments to those over 60 years of age, there has been quite a lot of comment on this proposal*.

Whilst reading Caron’s Musings having met her and her daughter Anna (who was signed up to the Liberal Democrats by me at the weekend), I remembered that Trevor Lunn MLA had done something about this inequality back in 2008. I know, I designed the logo that was used.

Many are saying that the better well off over sixties don’t need the payment. And this does seem to be true. That is why back in 2008, Trevor Lunn MLA (Alliance Party) from Lagan Valley set up his Winter Fuel Trust, saying:

There are a considerable number of older people like me, who do not believe they need their Winter Fuel Payment to survive, and I would call on them to donate this money to the Winter Fuel Trust,

This fund is not just about receiving donations of people’s Winter Fuel Payments, we will be happy to receive money from any source, including other individuals or businesses.

We have seen in recent weeks how harsh our winters can be and this enforces the need for a fund like this to provide further assistance for the more vulnerable older people in our society.

The trust will be working in conjunction with charities including St Vincent De Paul to distribute the money raised, and we are very pleased to have the support of the News Letter and The Irish News.

The Trust will have no expenses so every penny will go to those in need.”

The Winter Fuel Trust ‘s scheme is not a solution but a temporary fix to the problem that is faced by everyone in the UK in relation to this benefit. It is, however, a good way of helping others if you yourself do not need the payment.

Further information about the Winter Fuel Trust is available from Trevor Lunn’s office.

One thought on “winter fuel payment – not a solution, but a temporary fix

  1. This is great. I’d already written a post on this to go live later, so I shall include a link to this.

    If it hasn’t been done already, then it’s definitely a good idea for someone to set something similar up in other parts of the country.

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