catholic herald apologises for ‘gypsy’ slur

Readers will remember my disgust at the use of the term ‘gypsy’ in the online article of the Catholic Herald late last month concerning travellers who were encamped near Birmingham in preparation for the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during which His Holiness will beatify The Venerable John Henry, Cardinal Newman, Cong. Orat..

Yesterday evening, I received the following response from the editor,

Dear Mr Carchrie Campbell,

Thanks for your email of August 27 and apologies for your slow reply.

I’m not sure how the word “gypsy” got into the online report as we
have long used the term “travellers”. We have now removed it.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Yours sincerely,

Luke Coppen

The Catholic Herald

I am glad that this has happened. Hopefully, Mr Coppen will work to ensure that this does not repeat itself in the future.

One thought on “catholic herald apologises for ‘gypsy’ slur

  1. My fiction novel, ‘LOVE IS MY DESTINY’ ISBN 978-1-4461-2252-5 tells of the chastity of the Catholic Priest vocation. The reviews in Amazon are stunning. Does anyone read this novel. Does everyone know of the sacrifices that a priest makes?

    Paul Kelly

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