Outrage at action of liberal youth executive

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Tim Farron MP

With the Liberal Democrats Presidency up for grabs, nominations are open. Some LibDems and [one] LibDem organisations are publicly backing various proposed candidates. Whilst I have no problem with my fellow Northern Ireland Lib Dem blogger, Stephen, publicly supporting Tim Farron MP, (Westmorland and Lonsdale). And I have no problem with Tim himself: I may decide to back him myself, after all I was on a Campaigns Department training week in his constituency with Jonny Moss and John Ault.

I do have a problem with a post on the Liberal Youth website.

Now, I am not a member of Liberal Youth, but I was a member of LDYS its forerunner. I am very surprised at the statement

The Liberal Youth Executive have today voted to support Tim Farron in his bid to become the next President of the Liberal Democrats.

When I was a member of the Federal Executive of LDYS, I am sure it would not have endorsed any candidate without calling a general meeting. I am outraged by this usurpation of the members’ rights.

It is a day that Martin Shapland needs to hang his head in shame.

I hope that the members of Liberal Youth will fight for this to be overturned until they can have a general meeting.

To do this at the conference of the Federal Liberal Democrats shows a blatant disrespect for all the members who are unable to get there, especially the Scottish members of Liberal Youth who sandwiched Federal Conference between Freshers’ week and the start of classes, and the Northern Irish members who have also got freshers’ events both last week and this.

I commend Tim Farron for his statement

I am standing shoulder to shoulder with them on the gay blood ban campaign, their continuing fight on fees, and our desire for a greener Britain.

but I will wait until asked for support before actually supporting him.

9 thoughts on “Outrage at action of liberal youth executive

  1. “Some LibDems and LibDem organisations are publicly backing various proposed candidates.”

    I’m a bit confused now – are Liberal Youth the only AO/SAO type group to have come out for a particular candidate or have any of the others done similarly?


  2. @Jennie – Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats (EMLD), an SAO – will not be coming out for an individual candidate. We do not believe this is fair or democratic, unless we invite all our members to a general meeting to decide. Executive members are supporting different candidates.


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