Quote of the Day – #moreBS

most people want to get married - stonewall get over it - design Michael Carchrie Campbell - you can use this but please acknowledge (gyronny.com).

It is not a member-run organisation. It does not give the opportunity to LGBT people to come together.

Guess who?

Got it yet?

Yup. Once again Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall – this time at meeting of LGBT Labour at Labour Party Conference in Manchesteras reported in Pink News.

So, quite what is the point of becoming a member?

LGBT Labour have managed to have a meeting and vote in favour of gay marriage – so why can’t Stonewall manage to sort this out?

It is good to see that some members of HM Loyal Opposition seem to be joining with one part of HM Government – let’s hope this continues when this gets to the House of Commons, and the House of Lords!

About John McFarland Campbell

Irish, a student of law with The Open University, living in Dublin with his husband Andrew. Also interested in first aid, heraldry, Scouting, and occasionally to be found at the organ or in a bell tower.

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