Quote of the Day – #moreBS

most people want to get married - stonewall get over it - design Michael Carchrie Campbell - you can use this but please acknowledge (gyronny.com).

It is not a member-run organisation. It does not give the opportunity to LGBT people to come together.

Guess who?

Got it yet?

Yup. Once again Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall – this time at meeting of LGBT Labour at Labour Party Conference in Manchesteras reported in Pink News.

So, quite what is the point of becoming a member?

LGBT Labour have managed to have a meeting and vote in favour of gay marriage – so why can’t Stonewall manage to sort this out?

It is good to see that some members of HM Loyal Opposition seem to be joining with one part of HM Government – let’s hope this continues when this gets to the House of Commons, and the House of Lords!

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