Friday fun…

The Dandy - Wartime Communications

The above shows Wartime Patriotism – Dandy style – click on it, it’ll take you to see it larger…

I never got to read Dandy or Beano when I was a child – mainly because I think my mother didn’t want us to read the ‘comic book language’ instead of the more formal one available in school reading books and indeed the vast library of books at home.

Rupert the BearThe first of two exceptions to this ban on comics was Rupert the Bear. And even now, if I see a copy of the Daily Express lying around somewhere, I will pick it up and search frantically to find the two bits of the Rupert story. To say nothing of getting the Annual wherever I see it.

The second exception were the Asterix – preferably in a language other than English – but for these we had to wait until we were visiting our cousins in Glasgow. I must read more Asterix.

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