PSNI MMRT get gold stars: Belfast HSC Trust does not

This weekend has been a very difficult one for my family. This evening I would like to say a very big thank you to the members of the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team who trekked up Slieve Donard late on Friday evening/early on Saturday morning to find my brother, D-, who was up on the mountain with very little protection.

Stephen’s post yesterday evening about suicide was very timely. D- is in a very bad way at the moment.

The police helicopter was scrambled to try and find him on Slieve Donard.

However, other than the Mountain Rescue Team to thank, the Police Service of Northern Ireland in B district have been very very good to my mother and the other brother P- who were on scene, dealing with the crisis of not knowing where my missing brother was. The text message came in that D- was on Donard. And we are mighty pleased that the police helicopter was scrambled to see if they could find him.

Whilst the response of the emergency services to the report of a missing person, who has been threatening suicide for weeks, was absolutely wonderful. Sadly the response of the Health & Social Care trusts involved was woeful.

Having been talked into leaving the mountain, taken to the Downshire Hospital, he was then sent to the Mater Hospital in Belfast as the Downshire claimed that he

wasn’t their patient.

How they worked this one out when he was sitting in their Accident and Emergency Department on Saturday morning is quite unfathomable to me. Eventually an ambulance was sent with my brother on board to be taken to Belfast to the Mater. By the time my mother and other brother were just about to leave (having had some food for lunch): he was out and on the Crumlin Road, Belfast.

He has had very little food since last Wednesday, the social worker in the Downshire Hospital reckoned that

he should not be allowed home

– yet that is just what the Mater did.

I know that the net of prayer for him has been cast very wide over the weekend. If you pray tonight, please pray for him, that he will seek the help that he needs, before it is too late..

3 thoughts on “PSNI MMRT get gold stars: Belfast HSC Trust does not

  1. A big virtual hug as I can’t currently do it in person. I know how hard it was to write this but also know how much it needed to be writen.

  2. Without going into obvious rights and wrongs, the Downshire will have made their decision based on where your brother lives – I already know from friends that regardless of whose A&E you arrive in, you will always be transferred to a psychiatric ward in the health trust where you live, and if there is more than one, it will be your local one.

    The problem the Mater may have faced is that legally, they may have felt that your brother could not be detained against his will – however little sense that makes – because of how tightly the Mental Health Order has been written.

    He, together with all your family are in my prayers.

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