Duncan – a brother in torment

Duncan Campbell, my brother.

Further to my post about the rescue of my brother, Duncan, from Slieve Donard, I am asking for prayers for him. This evening the emergency doctor was out to him because his GP was sufficiently worried about him.

Unfortunately, the emergency doctor said that he didn’t feel able to section Duncan tonight as he didn’t know him well enough.

As we left him this evening, knowing that his own GP will be out to see him in the morning, I said to our other brother Peter that Duncan really didn’t look like, or even sound like my brother Duncan. It is obvious that he is currently tormented by something. Whether he knows what that is and cannot say, or whether he just does not know is not something that we will get to the bottom of quickly.

The net of prayer has been cast wide and far, and I ask that anyone of faith, reading this, prays for him too. If you are, please either comment on here, or send me an email to gyronny@me.com so that we can work out how far and wide this has gone – perhaps in this there will be some comfort for the family, if not for Duncan himself.

My mother has sent a text message wide and far, and I leave you now with her words

Please pray for Duncan. In very bad shape. Luckily helicopter was available to search Slieve Donard late on Friday. Crew able to tell mountain rescue where to look. Took much talking down* but although is in bad way, we do at least have him. Mary.

* at the time that Mum wrote this she believed that he had walked down the mountain, I am lead to believe that in fact he was brought down by stretcher by Mountain Rescue as he refused to come – and had taken an overdose at the summit of the mountain.

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