Belfast HSC Trust does it again…

It was very lucky that I was at my parents’ house as a phone call came in to the house asking to speak to my father. Well he can certainly listen – but that’s not good enough when they want to know if he can make an appointment tomorrow.

What is particularly annoying is that if I had not been here, he would not have been seen tomorrow to check his condition, and it seems he should have been seen in September.

I should explain. Dad had a number of quite major strokes back in March 2008, during a course of chemotherapy to treat a lymphoma. The rehabilitation after the strokes was set back until the chemotherapy was over as he was just too tired to be able to do anything. Thus, whilst he is up and able to walk about, often better than I can, he is unable to comprehend most things if said quickly. Fortunately he is now able to read a bit – and write a bit. But still there is very little speech. Unsurprisingly he can still say ‘No’.

Once again, like yesterday when my brother’s GP wouldn’t speak to the family, the Belfast HSC Trust seems to want only to speak to the patient concerned. Fortunately, I was here today. But that was by pure chance.

Belfast City Hospital, where Dad was cared for well during the treatment for his lymphoma and stroke.


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