can Scotland learn from Northern Ireland?

LTCASOn Saturday I took the opportunity of attending Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference in Dunfermline. There were a number of people there that I had not seen for some time, as well as new people to meet.

During one lunchtime fringe event organised by LTCAS the Long Term Conditions Association Scotland, the subject of the conflicts between the health service budgets run by the Scottish Government and Social Care budgets run by local councils came up. I had just written a question, handed it to the chair, when Maddy Halliday, Director, Stroke Scotland, the Scottish part of Stroke Association said:

Perhaps we should learn from Northern Ireland?

The Northern Irish contingent roared with laughter (as they all knew that what I had just handed the chair), and the chair interjected saying:

The question

Perhaps Scotland could learn from Northern Ireland?

had just been asked by Michael Carchrie Campbell, Trustee of The HIV Support Centre, Belfast.

In discussions afterward the fringe ended, many people were interested in learning from how the Health & Social Care is operated here in Northern Ireland. I look forward to helping them in the future as has been promised.

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