newspapers: could do better on NI – Greenslade

Roy Greenslade seems to have hit on something in his blog on the Guardian‘s website. Northern Ireland is seeing a resurgence in Republican violence. There is need for decent reporting of events here in Northern Ireland in the mainstream British press.

Arrest of nine men by Gardaí

Nine men were arrested by Irish police – six in Wexford, one Waterford and two in Louth – under Ireland’s offences against the state act…

The story did not appear in the print editions of any London-based Sunday national. But it was reported by the Sunday Times’s Irish edition. It should have been in the British editions.

Greenslade Blog

Of course there are other things that are needed. The reporters in the Northern Irish papers and the news channels here need to be out investigating – not just waiting for news to come their way from the press offices of the various political parties.

Unfortunately with the 24 hour broadcast news, the newspapers may not be being read as much as before. But it is still easier to take in and understand in depth information when it is in print format – rather than being simplified for the web – or worse still not reported at all.

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