combining stories makes a better read…

On page 16 of the Final Edition of the paper copy of today’s Belfast Telegraph there is a story by Deborah McAleese about how Colin Duffy was led into the dock at the Coleraine Magistrates Court looking dishevelled with

a sports jacket scarely covering his bare torso

Mr Duffy’s solicitor told the court that his client had been

forcibly strip-searched and his shirt cut from his body by prison officers as he left HMP Maghaberry that morning…

Following on from yesterday’s post about how newspapers could do better, I would argue that the following information from a story by Victoria McMahon on page 17 of the Final Edition could have been worked into the above story by an editor worth his salt.
The second article states that

Republican prisoners at Maghaberry Prison will soon be scanned instead of strip-searched in a new facility… The search facility is part of a deal cut between prison chiefs and dissident republican prisoners at Roe House that brought an end to the prisoners’ protest earlier this year.

The Belfast Telgraph says that it is ‘Newspaper of the Year’, and this may be true, but it would serve us all better if those putting the stories together on the page could suggest that stories be combined.

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