One thought on “Wordle’s take on the Browne report…

  1. Has anyone noticed how the government will scam students if it follows Browne`s suggested “levy” to control excessive fees ?
    Every £1000 of fees above £6000 has a rake off to the government (report p.37). Browne`s suggested £7000 fee to cover the total withdrawl of government funding for the humanities already gives the government £60 per student that the student will be paying back for 30 years.
    If Oxbridge goes for fees of £12000 a year the government rake off from the student`s £36000 is over £9000. Every £1000 over £12000 the government takes £750 but it would still be worthwhile for Oxbridge to try, may be, £20,000. The student pays back £60000, the government gets £27720.
    Fees at these rates give big profits on staff costs to Oxbridge colleges, allowing them to accumulate all their endowment income. In 2008-2009 Oxford colleges had £738 million in land, £1550 million in shares and cash ( up from £1.2 billion in 2001. Cambridge has more.(THES 13/7/01)
    Browne hits teachers and the children of teachers and showers money on Oxbridge and government.

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