Lib Dem Voice inspires me…

Is this Andrew Reeves’ inspiration or just his helper? He’s certainly jollied me along…

My renewed blogging and reading of blogs, particularly reading Lib Dem Voice has taken an unexpected turn (hopefully not a twist. Ed.) this morning, as I am now looking into gym membership.


Yep, you did read that correctly, it’s a tad unlikely one is sure, but, um, with inspiration from Andrew Reevesblog, you might understand why.

Another Kerrigan? what is it about the surname Kerrigan and fit blokes? Anyone else remember ‘Sam’ the gay nurse in Casualty?
If going to the gym gets me as fit as either Kerrigan, I’ll be very happy.

Jonathan Kerrigan | Photo: Jez Peach, photo used by permission of Jonathan Kerrigan
Another Kerrigan – one of my role models when younger.

Post updated 18 September 2012 with new picture of Jonathan Kerrigan following a request to update the picture.

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