visitor or victim? UK Anti-Slavery Day 18 October 2010

Today is Anti Slavery Day in the United Kingdom and EU Anti-Trafficking Day. Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister, David Ford MLA, launched a new campaign last week called Visitor or Victim. The campaign is run in conjunction with the Police Service of Northern Ireland through the Organised Crime Task Force.

Below is the front cover of the leaflet.
Visitor or Victim Campaign NI

The leaflet is in nine languages (English, Mandarin, French, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, Thai, Czech and Albanian) will be placed at all points of entry to Northern Ireland, as well as in other venues like doctor’s surgeries and hospitals.

David Ford MLA said at the launch last week

I want people who have been trafficked into Northern Ireland to know that help is available to them.

By contacting Crimestoppers, those who identify themselves as victims will be provided with comprehensive protection and support services as well as the opportunity to speak to relevant authorities such as the police, if the victim wishes.

This initiative is part of my actions to address the vile crime of human trafficking. Victims of such heinous crimes must be at the heart of our thinking.

You can see the rest of the leaflet here.

One thought on “visitor or victim? UK Anti-Slavery Day 18 October 2010

  1. I’m just recently investigating the subject of trafficking and a friend is traveling in the UK and saw this campaign. I am interested in the outcome of this approach – prayers to those who seek to help and those who desperately need it.

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