Assistance in finding bodies: but when for finding murderers?

We are hearing the news that a body has been recovered in Waterfoot, County Antrim by the teams searching for Peter Wilson, one of ‘The Disappered’.

I am glad that another family it seems is going to be able to bury the remains of their missing member soon.

However, I found the comment of Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams MP MLA rather odd

“The reports that remains have been found at Waterfoot, County Antrim, where the Commission have been searching for St James man, Peter Wilson, is welcome news.

“My thoughts are with the Wilson family at this time and I would hope that confirmation would be speedy to ease the burden of the final wait the family will endure.

“I again would repeat my appeal that anyone with any information which might help other families locate remains and find closure should bring that information forward.”

The Wilson family would not have this burden to endure if it were not for the murdering scum that killed Peter Wilson and the others of ‘The Disappered’. Sympathy now from the leader of Northern Ireland’s main Irish Republican party although it may be well meant, seems a bit lame.

Perhaps Mr Adams will work with the Police Service of Northern Ireland in finding those who committed these horrific crimes and bring them to justice.

For reference, some information about Peter Wilson:

Peter Wilson: Described as a vulnerable person with learning difficulties, he vanished at the age of 21 from his home in west Belfast in 1973. Reports suggest he may have been abducted and murdered by the IRA. His name was added to the list of the Disappeared in 2009 after new information became available.

For four days before he disappeared he lived with an Army unit at their headquarters near his Falls Road home. At the time the Army was accused of using a vulnerable person to gather information on the IRA, but the Army said they wanted him to experience military life.

from BBC article Who were the Disappeared?

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