Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes – get the drivel checked first

Like many people last evening, I received an email from the leader and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats on the subject of voter registration. Whilst I agree that we should encourage everyone that can / should be on the electoral register to be on it. I feel that I must point out that the letter as sent out has fatal flaws in it: for once again, Northern Ireland is different.

The letter says…

…And this is an important time of year to make that happen, as the annual canvass process is currently ongoing in council across the country. For most councils that process began over the summer and is set to finish on 1st December.

Except that in Northern Ireland, Councils are not responsible for the Electoral Register. It is the responsibility of the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland. Nor is there an annual canvass.

The post script at the end of the email is a tad on the daft side too.

…Ps The next big national election will be the Fairer Votes referendum next May; …

my emphasis in bold

Since when is a referendum ‘an election’? It is a referendum. It is NOT AN ELECTION. No one is being elected.

One simple request to Nick and Simon – please get someone to check the drivel before it is sent. A few simple questions like ‘Is this accurate?’ or ‘Is this party policy?’ would be helpful considering what we have had to read in our inboxes in recent weeks.

And if our leader and deputy leader cannot do this: then I am sure that somebody in Cowley Street could afford to do so.

PS – Northern Ireland Lib Dems do exist… Note to Cowley Street

When is the Federal Party’s website going to recognise that there is a Northern Ireland local party that is growing?

There is a link at the bottom of the main page that is under ‘Northern Ireland’ for our sister party the Alliance Party. Sister party yes, but why not have a page that explains about the local party and our relationship with Alliance? To say nothing, of the lack of recognition of a Northern Ireland postcode.

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