congratulations, 2 pledges, lots of hard work #yes2av

First of all my congratulations are in order to my friend and colleague who many of you will know has been appointed Campaigns Manager for Northern Ireland in the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign. As you may have guessed, this is the job that both he and I were interviewed for on Monday.

On Monday evening, he and I pledged ourselves to work together with who ever was appointed to ensure that we have the best possible campaign in Northern Ireland to make the small change that will make a big difference on May 5th.

The Fairer Votes Belfast page has initial details of the first steps of the campaign here.

Following the appointment of, Stephen Glenn a well-seasoned activist as Campaign Manager for Northern Ireland, the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign here will be get off to a start with him and another of his team attending the SDLP‘s conference this weekend.

The second pledge is going to be a harder one to keep to:

We pledge to refrain from alcoholic drink until after the Referendum on May 5th

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