Pink Paper fails its Northern Ireland readership

I want to reassure my friend Stephen that he is most certainly ‘not the only gay in the Province’. Although I suspect that the TUV and others would almost certainly wish that he were.

Indeed, I am only now getting to see his post as this morning I was with other representatives of the Northern Ireland LGBT Sector including from The Rainbow Project, NIGRA, and Cara-Friend at a meeting with Will Kerr, Asssistant Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, regarding the forward working of the LGBT Independent Advisory Group to the PSNI. It was certainly clear there that Stephen and I

are not the only gays in the Province.

Pink Paper fails its readership in Northern Ireland

The story is all too sadly yet another tale in the almost daily ‘erasing’ of Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Perhaps some people in England, for it is mainly in England that these offending websites and organisations are based, should take a look inside their passport the next time they have it in their hand.

What does it say on it?

That’s right…

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

What part of this is too difficult to understand?

4 thoughts on “Pink Paper fails its Northern Ireland readership

  1. Phew that is a relief I was thinking all the friends, and friends of friends might have been rounded up overnight in some covert operation.

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