Nick Clegg MP: no confidence from party?

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative. Signed: Nick Clegg

Candidates’ Petition to MPs

On another blog I have highlighted the petition on tuition fees sent to the 57 Lib Dem MPs on tuition fees. In writing it, it struck me that we are getting to the stage that the public is ending up with no confidence in the party as a whole. Are we all as members losing confidence in the leadership of Nick Clegg?

Nick Clegg made a pledge

The photograph pictured here is just a simple reminder that Nick Clegg signed the pledge

in the next parliament
and to pressure the
government to introduce

Surely this pledge could not be clearer.

Time for no confidence motion?

As I say on that other blog…

Perhaps it is time for the Leadership to be challenged publicly at Lib Dem Spring Conference in Sheffield. Would a vote of no confidence in the Party Leader in his home city be in order?

from Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland

Anyone interested in drafting such a motion, please contact me at gyronny [at] me [dot] com

9 thoughts on “Nick Clegg MP: no confidence from party?

  1. It’s sort of like a question of what is more ok:

    1) Annoying the other ministers.
    2) Lying to constituents.

    It seems Nick is going for 2 – Lying to your constituents is acceptable, so long as the financial situation is really bad, and you happen to be David Cameron’s friend a few months later.

    Good show Nick, what a thoughroughly wonderful display of why people ought to vote Lib Dem – so they can be lied to and ignored. And I write as a Lib Dem member, who won’t be renewing his membership next year.

    1. I think that those of us who think that this is not what the Liberal Democrats in Parliament should be doing, should be raising it at the next conference – anyone thinking of leaving should think about influencing conference.

      Better to working at change from the inside – than to be left whinging outside.

    2. @ Gyronny A no confidence motion might be premature. Taking soundings at Spring Conference might be wiser.

      @ Chris DO NOT LEAVE! Stay in and fight to get your Party back.

  2. I’d certainly vote against such a motion. It would be insane to kick out the party leader who’s delivered more Lib Dem ideas as Government policy than any other.

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