and three became one

what’s going on?

Today, saw the consolidation of three blogs. To all readers of Gyronny Herald, please bear with us as we integrated positive hivblogger and Hiberno Catholic into this site.

The archives of the other blogs will continue to exist online but will cease to be updated. In future, posts will be made on Gyronny Herald in order to widen the content further.

Why consolidate?

After my post on World Aids Day 2010, and my abandonment of anonymity on the positive hivblogger site, it was clear to me that at some point in the near future the posts that are written by hivblogger would be posted on Gyronny Herald. Having started a separate blog on catholicism from an Irish perspective, today I felt that it should be incorporated too.

These are three separate parts of my life. Yes, they cross over, but they also remain separate. I trust that readers will understand why they will continue to be authored by the three separate authors.

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