a student to be proud of

Suburban bus, Belfast
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Over the last few weeks many people have accused students of stupidity, idiocy, and even that they are spongers from the coffers of the public purse. This morning, I witnessed an incident that re-emphasized to me that actually the students in our society are the future professionals and future leaders of our land.

Sitting on the upper deck of a Translink Metro double decker listening to some music from my iPhone, I became aware of some commotion on the lower deck whilst we were waiting at a bus stop. The lad sitting on the other side of the aisle from me jumped up, and went to investigate. As I was at the front of the bus and could look back down the stairwell I could see that an elderly man had fallen on the ground and was being helped to a sedentary position by the bus driver. The lad opposite was downstairs and talking to the man. As he had got up, and put down his text book from which he had been making notes, and I found that it was (by my recollection) Principles & Practice in Surgery*.

Here was a student of surgery doing what he was training to do – looking after those who needed care and support. As he and I transferred to another bus, while the paramedics who had been called looked after the man who had fallen, I thanked him for doing what he had.

He told me that he had not done very much, but he was putting into practice what his training was for.

I don’t know his name – it’s one of those few occasions when I didn’t get one – but I hope his parents and family are proud of him, because I am.


* O. J. Garden, A. W. Bradbury, J. L. R. Forsythe, & R. W. Parks, Principles and Practice of Surgery, Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 2007.

3 thoughts on “a student to be proud of

  1. well done young man, whoever you are
    you’ve reawakened my faith in the youth of today, and students
    more specifically; medical students, who are usually obnoxious little twerps

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