Gyronny of Eight #1

Gyronny of Eight

Michael Gradwell ponders on the meaning of matriculation.

Chekov has some ‘breaking news’ from Kosovo

Angela Harbutt‘s thoughts on how times have changed. [not that much says an ex steward.–Ed.]

John Whitehead highlights the Friday Fast.

Iain Dale hangs closes the diary and concentrates on publishing.

Millennium Dome explains why it’s good the Lib Dems are in government

Susan Gaszczak has music to her ears.

Laurence England has a story about Santa Claus [warning: only for those over the age of 12. –Ed.]

Note to reader

Gyronny of Eight is a new idea on Gyronny Herald highlighting some of what has been seen and read on the Interweb since the last of the series. Being the first of the series, there is more scope than the intended weekly opportunities. So please bear with it.

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