Where two or three or four are gathered…

First there was one, then there were two, followed by three, and finally… four brave souls braved the icy and snow to the Lagan Room of Jury’s Inn, Fisherwick Place, Belfast for the session on Hammering Out the Slugger Awards. Sadly, the eight or nine signed up yesterday were much reduced in number. It seems that Mother Nature was ganging up with Jack Frost to ensure that our great leader was unable to be there. Mr Slugger O’Toole himself was unable to be there, but Quintin Oliver stepped in and led the session.

A certain Crumlin man was snowed in, so wasn’t there; neither somewhat surprisingly was a Bangorian Scottish blogger. Iced coffee was well represented in the person of Phil O’Kane, as well as his brother Chris. Gyronny Herald had yours truly in attendance [else this post would not be here.–Ed.]

A reasonably lively discussion ensued on the categories for the Slugger Awards to be held on February 3rd, in the Crescent Arts Centre. And of course we enjoyed the coffee, tea and sandwiches that had been provided. Musical accompaniment included Frosty the Snowman internally from the hotel, and carols from the bells of Presbyterian Church House.

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