The best is yet to come…. hang in there

I’m writing because when you are first diagnosed as living with HIV, many people think that life is over; that there is no future. When I was first diagnosed I was one of those. So many people told me that

HIV is not a death sentence

Life is for living

You must remain positive.

And I tried to believe them – it is not always easy. But I can tell you that if you hang in there, life will bring new surprises, new friends, and new joys. It is not possible to look into the future and to know what is round the corner, but this past Monday something happened that has me bouncing around like a

kitten in a box of tinsel, or maybe that is a box of kitten in tinsel…

to use the phrase of one very dear to me. Life does get better. It is very definitely worth striving forward. I can’t tell you what it is that has happened – that is for you to find out. But it is great. It feels great, and it will be great for years to come.

Oh, and by the way, you may not like love hearts but they will become a significant part of your life in the next couple of years….

This post is written as a letter from myself now to myself back in March 2009 when I was diagnosed as living with HIV. Please bear with me.

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