another day, the RVH again

Good thing the smell of tea tree oil is growing on me....

This morning Andrew and I toddled up to Belfast‘s Royal Victoria Hospital once more, after last night’s abscess burst, and sat around whilst the normal business of the CUM glinic went on about us. Eventually, Dr Killian Quinn, called for me – and off I went. He didn’t take any swabs from the abscess which I had thought was the principal reason for attending the clinic. That is to ensure that it was just (the now normal) PVL-MRSA. However he did prescribe the usual special wash and Bactroban nasal spray – for the next five days. What fun! And of course using my favourite shampoo – Tea Tree oil shampoo. Anyone ever want to buy me any toiletries? if in doubt buy me something with tea tree oil in it! That’ll please infection control!

And up to the clinic again next Wednesday to be checked because of taking Linezolid. So we are back to the weekly trips to the clinic.

Good news

There was some good news though

CD4 count up to 100! However, the Viral Load results are still not back from December 16th. Oh well – I am sure they will be by next week – even given the bank holidays…

And so, finally back in East Belfast, we are settling down to sausage and chips for breakfast lunch. And meals are being sorted out for the rest of the week too. Anyone would think we were an old married couple!

4 thoughts on “another day, the RVH again

  1. I can’t believe that she is coming, how has invited her? It is not the people of the country, We are a republic, demorcratic society and I believe if we wanted a UK Head Of State to visit our country we should have a say

    1. Surely, being a democracy you have elected members to Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann and Máire Bean Mhic Ghiolla Iosa (Mary McAleese) as Uachtaran na hÉireann and so the people’s representatives have invited Her Majesty to visit Éire (Ireland). I’m sure it doesn’t require a plebiscite under the constitution.

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