BBC NI notices the NI blogosphere – corrected

It seems that BBC Northern ireland has been noticing the Northern Irish blogosphere. Well done. We’ve been around for some time…

Gareth Gordon writes…

I think it only attracts a certain type of people. I don’t necessarily think its a broad representative cross-section of opinion or even punditry and it can at times attract extremist views on the blogosphere.

It is a pity, however, that [due to BBC editorial policy] Mr Gordon does not follow the usual courtesy of bloggers – that of linking to the various sites named. Therefore, in a spirit of helpfulness. Here are the links…

1690 An’ All Thon
A Pint of Unionist Lite
Ulster’s Doomed (though seems inactive last post June 2010–Ed.)
Alan in Belfast

Geoff McGimpsey who blogs at Open Unionism makes a very important point…

Parties have to be careful with how to handle bloggers.

Quite. Be interesting to see how all our parties handle us all in the year to come.

Of course there are blogs other than those that are political, how sad that Mr Gordon didn’t look at Iced Coffee.

*update: apologies I made a mistake, I typed David Gordon (thinking of the Belfast Telegraph), and meant Gareth Gordon of the BBC.

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