George Woodman MBE: a small appreciation

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Those who work in Parliament Buildings at the present within the Northern Ireland Assembly, and those who have in the past will know George Woodman*, Parliamentary Librarian, who has been honoured by Her Majesty The Queen by being made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year’s Honours this year.

George has always been there when you want some help in looking something up in the Parliamentary Library (sorry – now the Assembly Library).

He has a wealth of information, and like all good librarians is always helpful to the reader.

I first heard of George from my mother. And I expect most of you did not expect that to be said. I am not sure how she met George, but I have a feeling that it may have been around the corridors of the then New University of Ulster – what is now known as the University of Ulster at Coleraine (or worse by many Coleraine University).

Mum made sure that if I met him, I was to remember her to him – and I did. Instantly he grinned and remembered goodness knows what from those days back in C oleraine. I know that there were many laughs when Mum said things to various librarians on duty in the University Librarian. One occasion concerned whether or not it was permissible to ‘breath in the library’  – but I digress.

George is a graduate of the University of Dublin, Trinity College – his college tie is often to be seen around his neck. I’m sure that he will be pleased, and probably a bit surprised at the MBE that has been bestowed upon him – but I’m sure that all users of the Library at Stormont will be happy that he has been made an MBE, and join me in saying

Thank you George!

* not George Woodman the American ceramicist, painter, and photographer.

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