the birthday of Pope St Silvester Ⅰ, baptizer of Constantine the Great

At Rome, the birthday of Pope St Silvester Ⅰ, Confessor, who baptized the Emperor Constantine the Great, and confirmed the Council of Nicæa and, after many other deeds accomplished in holiness, rested in peace.

Also at Rome, on the Via Salaria in the cemetery of Priscilla, the holy martyrs Donata, Paulina, Rustica, Nominanda, Serotina, Hilaria and their companions.

At Sens, blessed Sabinian, Bishop, and Potentian, who were sent thither to preach by the Roman Pontiff, and did honour to that city by the confession of their martyrdom.

At Catania in Sicily, the passion of SS. Stephen, Pontian, Attalus, Fabian, Cornelius, Sextus, Flower, Quinctian, Minervinus and Simplician.

At Sens, St Columba, Virgin and Martyr, who after overcoming the fire was slain by the word in the persecution of the Emperor Aurelian.

On the same day, St Zoticus, a Roman priest, who went to Constantinople and there undertook the work of feeding the orphans.

At Ravenna, Barbatian, Priest and Confessor.

In the village of La Louvesc, in the diocese of Vienne in Dauphiné, the death of St John Francis Regis, Priest of the Society of Jesus and Confessor. He was a man of wondrous love and patience in securing the salvation of souls, and Pope Clement ⅩⅡ inscribed his name in the canon of saints.

At Rhaetiaria St Hermes, an exorcist.

In Paris, St Catherine Labouré, Virgin, Sister of Charity, to whom the Immaculate Mother of God granted the singular vision of the Miraculous Medal. She was renowned for her virtues and miracles, and Pope Pius ⅩⅡ numbered her among the holy virgins.

On the same day, St Melania the Younger, who left Rome with her husband Pinian and went to Jerusalem; she led a religious life among the holy women, and her husband among the monks, and both died a holy death.

And elsewhere, many other holy martyrs and confessors and holy virgins.

℟  Thanks be to God.

from The Roman Martyrology, Nihil Obstat: Hubertus Richards, STL, LSS, Censor Deputatus. Imprimatur: E. Morrogh Bernard, Vicarius Generalis, Westmonasterii: Die 23a Februarii 1962

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