DOH2AV – twitter and website fail

A quick lesson to those in the NO2AV DOH2AV campaign HQ.

Not all your followers on twitter actually support you.

The NO2AV DOH2AV Advocates page had until very recently, some twitter avatars of people that they are portraying as supporters of theirs. Sadly, this included many people who are part of the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign.

NO2AV Fail
NO2AV make clumsy error over who supports them.

Now, anyone who goes to check on this site now, will find that the twitter avatar strip has been removed. This is probably due to enough people tweeting about the failure of NO2AV DOH2AV

England & Wales only?

Incidentally, it would appear that there are no NO2AV DOH2AV advocates north of Hadrian’s Wall or across the North Channel. Does that mean that NO2AV DOH2AV is really an England & Wales organisation? Not the best for democracy in the United Kingdom is that?

Say Yes! to Fairer Votes

Of course, if like me you actually support the change to the voting system, you can sign up with the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign:

3 thoughts on “DOH2AV – twitter and website fail

  1. Fine! But I don’t see how it will be fairer, given that all it will mean is lefties will effectively have two votes each whereas conservatives will still just have one (if that).

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