join me in making our MPs work harder

Michael Carchrie Campbell supports the Yes campaign for May 5th referendum
Michael Carchrie Campbell lends his support to the Yes campaign

Following Royal Assent to the Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies Act earlier today, we now have the referendum to make the change to a fairer voting system set for May 5th.

The Yes campaign needs as much help as possible to ensure that the real messages are put out to all of us in the communities of the UK. To help us all in our local groups do this, the campaign centrally needs major financial assistance. We’re not backed by the rich bankers or the trade unions. We’re a campaign of the people. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in donating as much as you can to the campaign so that we can get as much literature printed and campaigning training carried out as quickly as possible.

Of course, once we have literature printed, and then in our hands here in Belfast, we will be organising street stalls and other events to make sure that all voters in the UK know why this campaign is one of the most important ever in our history.

You may wish to support Fairer Votes Belfast.

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