a mark of 8% is good news, and next to zero is even better…

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Today I was up for my regular monthly appointment at the HIV clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. My consultant was off today, so I was seen by Dr Say Quah instead. He had some very good news for me.

Readers of this blog from the beginning will know that I have not had a CD4 count of much over 100 since diagnosis nearly two years ago. Today the results from last month show that it is 8% (having been 7% the previous month) and is at 140 (having been 80) before. This is really good news. I wonder what it will be next time it is measured. I’ll not find out for some time though.

Secondly, the Viral Load measurement is undetectable for the second month in a row. In the words of another positive mate in London,

Hurrah, I may have to bounce!.

Thirdly, no blood test were required to be taken today – so the vampires nurses were not getting anything out of me this afternoon.

The best news of all is that I have to go back in two months’ time. Yes readers, I said two months. A whole month should elapse without me seeing the nurses, doctors, and of course the lovely receptionists at the clinic.

It has to be said that much of the positive news today could not have been achieved by me without the love and support shown to me by many friends, but most of all by Andrew, my fiancé and soon to be husband.

Andrew, you continue to love and support me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You continue to be the medicine tsar – ensuring that I take my meds. This has greatly increased my adherence which, in turn, is bearing much fruit in how I am feeling. Thank you.

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