Titanic sinks again – but this time in Belfast itself

This time, not the ship – but a Scottish Country Dance that was being danced at the St Patrick’s dance and ceilidh in St John’s Church Hall on the Castlereagh Road, Belfast this evening.
The dance was taxing even those of us who have been dancing quite some time. We were put over it by the deviser, and only as we were about to dance it did we find out that it was not in Strathspey time (as we had initially thought having been told to Petronella) but in Reel time. Double the speed of the Strathspey then…
And then the band got the number of bars wrong, or possibly the number of times through wrong. Who knows?
What was clear was that the dance this evening sank and crashed just as its namesake RMS Titanic did back in 1912.

I’m sure that tomorrow I will be paying the price of dancing a second night in three. But it is worth it – it might help with reducing my weight.

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