saying #yesinmay together when the UK said NO #mccamf11

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Yesterday, as it became clear that the Referendum on the Voting System had not been a YES, Andrew and I said YES in May once more to each other in a very special way:

I solemnly promise that I will protect you, N., my brother, with my utmost care, that I will honour and cherish you in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, and that in all things I will be to you a faithful and loving husband.

our vow to each other

Andrew McFarland and I entered into a civil partnership with each other in Belfast City Hall in the presence of family and friends. After the ceremony, during which there were a few jokes – well it is me after all – we went on a short perambulation of the city centre to visit particular places of relevance to our lives – although mostly relevant to Andrew’s life as he grew up in the city.

We ended up in Victoria Square, where the photo above is taken.

There was of course much tweeting going on – so one feline friend was seen to tweet:

@ @ so is this like the royal wedding with anti tweet devices? Or NI’s first live blogged civil partnership 

Some people went back to work, others of us were able to go out for lunch in Gourmet Burger Kitchen where we had a great meal with the remaining friends and family. Some stories of me as a child came out during the course of this – thanks to Peter (one of my brothers) and my mother. At least it wasn’t really the embarrassing ones.

And then Andy and I split up…

…but only for the rest of the afternoon. I went with my mum, Peter and cousin Richard to the flat to get the keys for the next stage of the operation. Andy went to speak to another friend with his best friend Rob, and then went on to the flat by bus.

Meanwhile there was a lot of driving to and from, and losing of keys, and cleaning, and sorting out, and arranging of things – but that will be told in the next update.

As I write, Andy has gone out to the hairdresser’s for the third time this week! And I am left in the flat to get some breakfast, and to start to get ready for the main event today.

Note: thanks to @hugodecat we have our own hashtag [#mccamf11] for the weekend’s activities – so if anyone is tweeting from the main event today, please use it…

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