First week – first few hours of study

And so it began. Not just my OU studies but married life as well. While I was starting to skim read the first chapter of Personal Finance I found that I might need a little more help with how to read more effectively. I know that I can often remember bits and pieces from articles that I have read even from years ago – but remembering and knowing facts that I know is different.

Whilst in Belfast city centre yesterday, I bought two books (actually five in total yesterday – but three others were irrelevant to this post):

Northedge, A., 2005. The Good Study Guide. Milton Keynes, The Open University.

McMillan K, & Weyers, J., 2009. The Smarter Study Skills Companion. Harlow, Pearson Education Ltd.

Then as I came on home and began to read the Introduction in Personal Finance I found that I should be keeping a spending diary. So, with due regard for that the two books cost: Northedge – £14.99 and McMillan – £12.99.

The exhiliration of getting married at the weekend has finally worn off, and the adrenaline has left my body. Today I am tired and have slept for approximately four hours during the day. Therefore, whilst Andrew is asleep – in a similar way – I will get on with reading Sections 1-6 in the Course and Study Guide.

Hope everyone else is getting on well and, for those of you in my tutorial group, I look forward to meeting you at Stranmillis on 21 May.

cross posted from my personal blog on StudentHome at Open University

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