sleep – isn’t that for wimps?

It is nearly four o’clock in the morning and, despite a number of aborted attempts, Sleep has been just escaping me tonight. I don’t know what is going on that is creating this problem. Perhaps I am doing too much? Perhaps there are many outside forces which are leaning on me? What could they be?

  1. Study?
    I’ve just started an  Open University course (DB123 You and your money: personal finance in context. I’ve the first TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) to be completed and sent off (fortunately by email nowadays) by 3 June.
  2. Just Married?
    It’s only two weeks since Andrew and I got married, and we are both still recovering from that weekend. Of course, now that we are a couple in the eyes of the law, this means that we have to tell all sorts of government departments, as well as continue to move my belongings into what was his – and now our – flat.
  3. Work?
    Continuing to work in the Northern Ireland Assembly, I am meant to be up there later today in about five hours. This could be quite challenging given my lack of sleep recently. Fortunately there is not terribly much on the Order Paper for tomorrow (I mean today).
  4. FLAGS?
    We’ve just had the unit chairman’s resignation, meaning that I am acting up to ensure that there is some leadership within the National Scout Active Support Unit. We’ve got one of our biggest events coming up on 2 July when we will be attending London Pride for the third year in a row. 

I’m going to go and try again, I hope that this time I will be able to get some sleep. Wish me luck guys (and gals)!

One thought on “sleep – isn’t that for wimps?

  1. Hi Michael, Congratulations on your marriage. I hope you got some sleep. You have a lot on. Sometimes when you miss sleep, it can make the problem worse if you worry about not getting sleep. Sleep is something you don’t treasure until you can’t get to sleep. It is one of the most under-rated human activities.

    A few years ago I really did find it difficult to get to sleep for numerous nights. Thoughts kept running around and around in my head and wouldn’t stop. It was part of an illness I had, which fortunately I was able to shake off with counselling and without medication.

    Eventually I shed some extraneous activities I was doing and said “no” a few times, and gave myself more time to just vegetate or “chill out”.

    This managed to bring my whole body and mind down from the heightened state of excitement and activity which I had put it into, and my old self came back.

    I hope your non-sleeping was just a one-off!

    By the way, one of the warning signs I notice in myself is getting the urge to blog at 4am. I always know that is a mistake and resist it nowadays. Just saying 😉

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