correcting Stafford Carson on ‘Gay Pride sermon’

This morning I was pointed towards Gay Pride sermon on the blog of the Rev’d Stafford Carson, by my friend and colleague, Stephen Glenn.

His post is about tonight’s inaugural Faith and Pride event which is being held in All Souls‘ Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.

I have commented on his article, but as my comment is still awaiting moderation (by a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the “Presbyterian Church in Ireland”), I am re-posting it here.

Thank you very much for the publicity for our inaugural event. I’d like to clarify that the event in All Souls’ is not a service as such. There will be no hymns, just two talks by two speakers.

For those who don’t know, tonight’s event has a second speaker,

Paula Rita Tabakin who will explore homosexuality from a Jewish reform perspective using texts and traditions.

from Faith and Pride website

Speaking before tonight’s event, Andrew said:

The evidence is compelling. David and Jonathan spoke about each other as if they were spouses, and aspects of their relationship only make sense if you see them as a couple.

Readers may be able to access this morning’s Sunday Sequence programme on BBC Radio Ulster via BBC inlayer, which had an article on tonight’s event as highlighted by William Crawley.

Anyone who wants to come tonight to hear the two short talks, is welcome. It’s at 7pm in All Souls’ Church, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.

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