Seal of St Pantaleon in Köln

Sancti Pantaleonis, Martyris, Commemoratio

Seal of St Pantaleon in KölnAt Nicomedia, the passion of St Pantaleon, a physician, who for the faith of Christ was imprisoned by the Emperor Maximian and tortured by the punishment of the rack and by burning with torches; but amidst these things he was refreshed by the Lord appearing to him. At last he ended his martyrdom by swordstroke.

– from The Roman Martyrology,
Nihil Obstat: Hubertus Richards, STL, LSS,
Censor Deputatus
Imprimatur: E. Morrogh Bernard
Vicarius Generalis
Westmonasterii: Die 23a Februarii 1962

from the Office:

Ad Laudes ant. Qui odit ánimam suam in hoc mundo, in vitam ætérnam custódit eam.


Præsta, quǽsumus, omnípotens Deus: ut, intercedénte beáto Pantaleóne Mártyre tuo, et a cunctis adversitátibus liberémur in córpore, et a pravis cogitatiónibus mundémur in mente. Per Dóminum.

from Diurnale Roman

Saint Pantaleon, pray for us.

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