#prayforlondon to help with #riotcleanup: prayer is useful

It has been said on Twitter that


However, we should all be mindful that all

God wants us to pray for others, however we may feel about them (or even if we don’t personally know them). Such prayers remind us that one way or another, we are all in this journey towards holieness together. Your prayers can do a world of good for others, just as their prayers can help you!

from Our Catholic Prayers

For those of us not able to help practically with the clean up, prayer is one way to assist, which is what I said in my response to @gray


Therefore, I implore the assistance of the Trinity, our Blessed Lady, and all the Angels and Saints to assist those who are undertaking the important work of cleaning up. What better way than the Litany of the Saints… After all: a few more angels around would do wonders to the clean up.

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