unlucky for some – but not for me…

It’s been a busy week for the people of Total Politics with all the Blog Awards being announced. Today it was the turn of the Top 25 Northern Irish Blogs.

Stephen Glenn once more is placed highly at number 2, not quite taking the lead from Slugger O’Toole, and I am quite content to be placed just one behind Alan in Belfast, at number 13.

So there we are, placed in the top 100 Lib Dem Blogs, the top 50 Lib Dem Bloggers,* and now the top 25 Northern Irish Blogs. Seems quite a week for me. Once more congratulations to everyone who was placed, and thanks to everyone for voting for me. I really, really, really did not expect it.

* overnight it seems that my placing for top 50 Lib Dem Bloggers has been linked to my other blog – I suspect that it is as a result of blogging at Gyronny Herald more.

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