gyronny of eight #4: the restart…

Gyronny of Eight

Liberal Democrat Conference

It’s been quite a while since we had a round up of blogs that I have enjoyed in the past week so with Liberal Democrat Conference all over for the year 2011, I thought I’d have a go and find the posts that had me grinning from ear to ear.

In reverse order,

№ 8 – Lib Dem Conference Review 2011

It seems that Anders has been going to Party Conference for longer than I have been a party member – but only a year before I joined! He’s now getting old and can’t keep the pace…


Our favourite fluffy elephant’s take on the BOTYs…

№ 6 – Why was this Lib Dem conference cheerful? Simple: because it mattered.

Stephen Tall tells us on Lib Dem Voice why our conference is different. And he is so right.

№ 5 – Shush! it’s a secret from Free Radical.

№ 4 – In which the Alliance health spokesperson doesn’t get it

Okay so this one is not from Conference well not exactly. But it is connected.

№ 3 – After the voilence against women motion at #ldconf, a useful rape analogy

Only one comment from me: it’s not just women that face these problems when reporting rape to the Constabulary.

№ 2 – I’ve been a fool LibDem Voice and I’m sorry

Spidey makes a very brave statement.

№ 1 – The awkward moment when Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael was …….

It must be hard when you’re Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrats, but The Rt Hon Alastair Carmichael MP seems to do quite well – even when faced with questioning about Conference Glee Club…

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