recreation not obliteration… the winged pegasus is reborn

All too often, we hear of companies and councils dropping the use of their coat of arms, and changing to a modern brand logo. I am greatly pleased that British Airways is bucking the trend.

It's not a new coat of arms, it's a modern reworking of it. Well done

As the designer says in the video below, this is not a new coat of arms, it is a recreation of it. This is quite normal in the world of heraldry. Every coat of arms is described by its blazon

Argent between a Chief and a Bendlet sinister couped gules, a Gyron issuing from the dexter the point in sinister chief.

which can be found in the Letters Patent which is what most people seem to think is the only representation allowed. This is bunkum.

Many organisations of which I am a member, or institutions of which I am or have been a member have coats of arms. Many of them seem to insist on using that which was illustrated on the Letters Patent.

As many of my friends will know, I have a longstanding hatred of the new logo used by Ballymena Borough Council, in place of their actual coat of arms. I’ve a new one that I believe to be wrong. The arms in use by The Scout Association.

oh look! It's the old uniform and the older uniform... Oh dear!

From memory, the blazon states that the two supporters are in Scout uniform: one in the original and one in the present day uniform. Sadly, on the certificates that are still in use by The Scout Association, these show a Scout in the uniform from the 1970s/1980s. It is the uniform that I started to wear, but it is uniform no longer.

So, I say thank you to for people for recrafting the British Airways coat of arms. Who knows, perhaps the Scout Association will get on to it at some point…

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