it’s not just Ballymena that brings Christmas early…

The Belfast Telegraph asked in 2010: Could this be the first tree in the UK or Ireland?

My apologies to my readers that there has not been much from my desk in recent days, I’ve been on holiday in between a committee meeting of FLAGS and a ringing tour with FODS. But it seems that Bedford is getting ready for the holiday season of Christmas quite early in the year. As Peter and I returned from the Barley Mow last evening [or was it this morning?–Ed.] we saw that Bedford Borough Council had started to put the Christmas lighting up.

This reminds me of my home town where Ballymena Borough Council causes embarrassment to its residents by having to switch off the Christmas lights on Remembrance Day as they are switched on before that.

We’re not even into the month of November, we’ve not had Hallowe’en, or Bonfire Night, and still councils up and down the country are putting Christmas lights up way too early.

Is it too much to ask that Christmas is left until Christmas! It’s Twelve Days long. We all know the song the Twelve Days of Christmas, and some of us have now heard several alternative versions. Now that would make it special for all concerned.

Perhaps someone should ask the local Council what they are playing at here in Bedford? Oh, hold on, they have an ‘elected MayorDave Hodgson. Perhaps someone can explain this system to me.

2 thoughts on “it’s not just Ballymena that brings Christmas early…

  1. The lights are up (But not being turned on until Tuesday 29th November – at least they’re waiting until after Advent has started!) – and the town’s Christmas Trees were being put up on Monday evening last. One wonders if they are likely to repeat the last few years’ faux-pas where the bust of Archbishop Huddleston ends up with one of the lower branches of the tree at that end of Silver Street sticking up his nose?

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