Enough is enough –

Following on from previous posts and a comment from a recent leaver of my old school, Ballymena Academy, I have just bought a schools pack from LGF to be sent to a school but not specified where. It is perhaps not needed in Ballymena Academy, but I do hope that LGF will be able to send one there as well.

You can do this too…

Homophobic bullying is still endemic in UK schools, but the LGF’s Safer Schools Packs help schools challenge homophobic bullying, support their lesbian, gay and bisexual students and promote understanding. Donate to a pack to help this generation and the next.

The LGF’s Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia campaign is determined to encourage schools to take action – we want every school to be challenging homophobia, and talking about lesbian, gay and bisexual people, issues and relationships to promote understanding.

That’s why LGF is working to get as many Enough is Enough! Safer Schools Packs in to UK schools…but we need your help.

For a donation of £20 and they can send out a Safer Schools Pack to the school of your choice, it might be your old school, your local school or your children’s school – simply nominate the school and LGF’ll do the rest.


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