In London today but not for #Activism2011

EasyJet tailfin at Aldergrove International Ai...
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I’m sitting in Aldergrove Belfast International Airport waiting for a flight to London Luton at the beginning of another weekend in Bedford as a result of being Chairman of FLAGS

Having a quick look on Twitter whilst I eat my breakfast, it seems that the whole of the NUS is on the move at this early hour to get to London. I, too, am heading to London but unlike my fellow members of the NUS I’m not going to their Activism 2011 event. I wish I were.

However, I am going to meet up with some old friends to pray for the souls of the Faithful Departed at the Latin Mass Society‘s Requiem Mass in Westminster Cathedral this afternoon. That’s why I’m travelling on a Saturday morning in a dark suit. I do, of course, have my Oxford Newman Society tie on – I wonder how many of my other ONS friends will be present.

A porta ínferi. Erue, Dómine, ánimas eórum. Requiéscant in pace. Amen.

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