more books means more bookcases – so who will benefit?

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Neither Andrew nor I can be described as not having an interest in books. We have eight Billy bookcases from Ikea in our flat and we already know that we will need to acquire more bookcases to provide all our books with decent accommodation.

With most of our family knowing this, it seemed rather amazing that my mother, Andrew, and my brother all decided to give me more books for Christmas. Now, I don’t want any of them to get the wrong idea. I love getting new books (and second-hand ones). But I am not sure where we are going to manage to put them.

Today, I’m up in Ballymena at my parents’ as they are having an ‘at home’ to show off their new extension, and Duncan gave me the ones he had bought for Christmas:

  • Neil Oliver, The History of Ancient Britain
  • Kevin Joslin, 12 Reasons to Look Up Uranus
  • Graeme Donald, Loose Cannons

All three look like a great read. I am sure that we will both enjoy them. So thank you Duncan. I’m sure that Ikea will be grateful.


One thought on “more books means more bookcases – so who will benefit?

  1. I’ve been needing to head to Ikea to buy more bookcases as well. The fact that there are at least 5 stacks of books around my bookcase is reason enough to find proper space to put them all!

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