not impressed with Yodel delivery service

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For the last three days I’ve been expecting a parcel from The Open University containing the first chunk of books for the first law module of my law degree course. It was sent on 10 January. From the module group on Facebook it seems that most of my fellow students received theirs on Wednesday.

Being in Northern Ireland, I knew that it would take at least an extra day to reach me, but I will not get my books until Monday – and even that is because I am going to retrieve them from the ‘service center’ (sic) rather than wait for them to attempt to deliver again on Tuesday. The problem? Having waited all day yesterday, I had the audacity to go out after seven o’clock in the evening. The reason for going out is even more remarkable for those that know me (but that is for another post). I returned home after an hour and found when I logged on to the tracking website that my parcel had been attempted to be delivered at 20.14 and that a card had been left.

Well, I had checked on my return, and found no such card. I went back downstairs and checked again – nothing.

Today the company told me this morning it was with a particular driver, gave me her telephone number to arrange delivery, and when I did so I found that it wasn’t there. I then got an email from them, reiterating that it was with that driver. I emailed back to state that I had been told the opposite: and eventually got told I could pick up from the service centre (my spelling). I phoned just after six and found that had I been an hour earlier, I should have been able to get to where my books are and collect them. The office closes at six. And it is not open on Saturdays and Sundays. Also it is in the depths of the Belfast Harbour Estate. So on Monday morning, I’m going to hire a taxi to take me over there and back. More expense.

Maybe then I will learn what why my new found friends on the course are talking about the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985!

Though over this weekend, unlike most others on my course, I am able to not read my law books and bogged down in that before the course starts. Thank you Yodel!

3 thoughts on “not impressed with Yodel delivery service

  1. That is typical of some Yodel deliveries Michael, the stories I have heard about people coming home to find parcels launched over a fence and lying in the pissing rain! I am very, very lucky in that the local Yodel lady is an absolute star and, luckily, we have never had any trouble with her. I am sure your excitement can be contained until you finally get the books in your hands!

  2. “That is typical of some Yodel deliveries”

    It is typical of most courier services in my experience.

    I would far rather have stuff delivered by Royal Mail

  3. Royal Mail don’t use a patch of water as an excuse to take an extra day to deliver.

    Now, to be fair DHL have been stars at delivering my Lego from Lego UK. The man comes after 6pm, but not too late, and they deliver ahead of schedule. They even deliver to trusted neighbours.

    TNT, on the other hand, is atrocious. They have the contract for DC Thomson’s subscription delivery.

    They collect the Beano and the Dandy every Wednesday from DCT’s distribution centre, and Beano Max every fourth Wednesday. I don’t know what days they collect the other magazines.

    On a typical week, Beano Max arrives on Friday if it’s due, then the Beano on the Saturday, and finally, the Dandy on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re lucky.

    Royal Mail would have delivered the lot to Belfast on Friday.

    The playing field needs to be levelled and Royal Mail permitted to charge commercial rates for the final delivery from the sorting office to the door, because right now they cannot compete for mailshots. Because their current (capped) charges don’t reflect the actual costs of delivery for Royal Mail, we end up subsidising commercial companies in other charges, such as the price of a 1st or 2nd class stamp. It’s wrong.

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