Does Harold Miller also support marital rape?

I am surprised that it has taken so long for the horrible truth to be exposed to us here in Ireland about the man the evangelicals of the Anglican Church in the Provinces of Armagh and Dublin seem to hold as a supporter. That man is a rather radical cleric in the Province of Canterbury.

Thanks to Gerry Lynch, the support given by this cleric to some rather unsavoury views expounded by a well known fundamentalist has been made clear for all to see.

It is more than slightly disturbing to read that the radical cleric is a bishop of the Church of England. What’s worse is that The Right Reverend gentleman is supporting the accusation that the Her Majesty The Queen broke her own Coronation Oath. The bishop in question, is The Right Reverend Wallace Benn.

Wallace Benn may face disciplinary proceedings for alleged misconduct.

The complaint against the bishop is being compiled by the safeguarding advisory group of the Diocese of Chichester… (from BBC news)

You may be asking why does this matter.

Well, this is the man who is coming to talk at the clergy quiet day for the clergy of Down and Dromore on 21 February in Carryduff Parish Church. This will be at least his third visit to Ireland since October last year.

In October he spoke at a meeting of The Evangelical Fellowship of Irish Clergy which discussed the issue of the civil partnership of The Very Reverend Tom Gordon, who is Dean of Leighlin.

Has anyone spoken to Harold Miller, Bishop of Down and Dromore seeking whether he supports the Bishop Benn in his apparent support of marital rape? I doubt if the good parishioners of the diocese of Down and Dromore would support such a view.


2 thoughts on “Does Harold Miller also support marital rape?

  1. As a member of the Down & Dromore Diocesan Synod I have just written to Bishop Harold to ask that he reconsider this invitation.

    Steven McQuitty

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